Because this blog is close to 100 followers, and my main is at 900, I wanted to do some kind of follower gift.  (I will probably do another gift for those who follow @simdaisies I just have to think of one).   I love these posters of the Oscar Nominees made by u/flyingfossil on Reddit [ link 1 ] [ link 2 ] [ link 3 ].  I thought they’d be cool to have in Sims 2.

So thank you very much for being here. I hope you enjoy this!

Recolours of  â€œLady On Red”, “Pineapple” and “Surfing the Universe” under buy mode > decor > wall. 

Artwork credit goes to u/flyingfossil.  
“Pineapple” mesh add-ons as seen in the previews are by Graverobber  at GoS

Sims 4 versions
by @brittpinkiesims – [ link ]
by @death-plays-the-sims-4 – [ link ]
2018 posters by flyingfossil – [ link ] (download link in the comments)

Download on Mediafire
Lady on Red – [ preview ] [ download ]
Pineapple –  [ preview ] [ download ]
Surfing the Universe  –  [ preview ] [ download ]
All  –   [ download ]

I don’t often create CC so please let me know if anything is wonky.

Terms of Use: Flyingfossil was nice enough to create and share these and allow me to use them. Please do not redistribute or take credit for them. Do not share on paysites or behind adfly links.

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