LMFAO and youre all excited for this, too. PFFFFAHAHAH

I just feel like I should comment on this & address the “complaint”

The super-realistic games in this image have gameplay mechanisms & storylines that rely on IMMERSION, being the first-person view in a fictional world.  You have to reasonably imagine that the characters are real people to get the feelings that the game designers want you to have as you experience the storyline.  You're supposed to be emotionally attached to these characters (love, hate, etc) & the easiest way to accomplish that response is to portray them as realistically as possible.

The Sims is not about immersion.  It is set in a semi-omnipotent view, not a first-person view & is about PLAYING GOD with little digital people, which in some cases is going to require you to be emotionally removed &/or detached from the characters…. like when they're burning to death or drowning for lack of a pool ladder, as Sims tend to do.  The simplistic, cartoony style lends itself to this type of gameplay.  For the game as it's intended to be played (not a building tool or an interior decorating tool or a fashion tool or a way to create artsy pics of digital people) THIS ART STYLE IS A GOOD, LOGICAL CHOICE.

Apples to oranges, yo.


I'd like to add that I'm pretty sure this is not the final look of sims anyway?  Sure they won't look like Lara Croft, but there will be improvements, not to mention CC!  Why didn't anyone make such comparisons with TS3?  ..Why is anyone so obsessed with hyper-realistic sims anyway? :/

Those are very definitely not ‘average' games either.  They're extremely high-budget AAA-games, with specific target audiences.  The Sims has another, very different specific target audience.  (I get your point, I just feel like nitpicking because you're annoying.)

And using fucking Diana Allers of all people from Mass Effect 3??  She is literally the most uncanny character I could think of.  Why not Kaidan?  Or Joker?  Or heck, default Sheploo?  Makes me think that OP either didn't play ME3, or is just taking the piss.

…You are just taking the piss, aren't you.  Regardless, in the end you'll be all over TS4 anyway.

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