Violet Chen (Young Adult / Aspiration: Computer Whiz / Loves Outdoors, Geek, Snob ) 

Violet was an orphaned teenager who was adopted by Victor and Lily Feng. The power couple felt that they needed to improve their image to appeal to more social conservative, family-first types, so they decided to adopt Violet. They promptly put her in front of the cameras and brought her to campaigns and other events. Eventually, as Violet grew older, she started to rebel, dying her hair and running off to the Geek Con regularly.

Julian Baird met Violet at the Geek Con in San Myshuno at a time when he wasn’t able to control his alien disguise. She had assumed he was in cosplay and dismissed him as just another geek. As they spent more time together, Julian found himself attracted to her. He confessed how he felt, and she promptly friend-zoned him.  As it goes, they still remain best friends.

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