The Sims 4 Seasons Trailer

Ok, so here are my thoughts:

  • This packs exists. All four seasons are here. Weather is here. Calm down, naysayers, it wasn’t broken up and sold for parts.
  • This song is a great choice, just sayin’
  • The paddling pools are a cool idea – I hope toddlers can use them!
  • This pack seems to have a lot of the same elements as TS2 and TS3 – and I fully support this!
  • Leaf pile Woohoo?
  • Ice skating! And yass for that orange glitter outfit.
  • And rollerskating of course, but let’s get 2 for 1 on the animations.
  • The idea of the holidays looks nice – Sim Christmas for the win!
  • Ooooohhh hoooonneeyyyyy…..


  • Walking with umbrellas! And a new shivering cold walk style too.
  • The weather machine is back from TS2! So many good memories!
  • Umm… thunder superpowers?!

*This* is how you do a pack! It’s really hitting the nostalgia for me and it’s nice to see, after a lot of community frustration, that they’re trying to make something that the fans will enjoy.

Edit: from the description:  “every world’s climate is unique” – so guessing Oasis Springs will be nothing but summer? Will they be fixed?

“You can even create custom holidays and choose how your Sims celebrate.” So this will be like Clubs? Yay! I already have ideas.

And a gardening career, which seems appropriate!

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