Welcome to SimTopi, my Sims blog.

To start off, I’ve been playing Sims since the original Sims years ago. I’ve played a lot of Sims 2 when it first came out, but computer problems forced me to lose my game, and my neighbourhood.  Since I am addicted to this game, the only sensible thing to do would have been to restrict playtime for a number of years. Only recently, with the aquirement of Apartment Life, did I start up again.

I’m probably very late into getting back into the game (enough to start up a blog about it), but keep in mind, that eventually I will be upgrading to Sims 3, so I may as well see how far we get here.

SimTopi is the neighbourhood of Sims I am playing. It consists of a suburb and an urban village inspired by the various urban villages downtown Toronto, such as Queen West, Leslieville, The Annex. I am one by one building the neighbourhood with trendy condos and restoration apartments as well as graduating Sims from Sim State University to fill them with overeducated hipster socialites.

So this blog is totally about that.

I also wanted somewhere permanent to house my Lot uploads. I like sharing my apartments. I’m going to go ahead and say it here: some buildings I see on the Sims 2 official site exchange are too damn ridiculous. Seriously, I don’t care how rich your Sims are, wtf do you need 6 helipads on the same lot for? Really?

And there I am. Welcome to SimTopi!

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